So this is my first time using Obsidian Portal, bare with me.

This campaign will be the culmination of our collected Eberron games. There will be old characters making appearances. Also events set in motion in our other Eb games will have an effect in this game. Characters will be level one. “Normal” character creation rules apply.
  • Stats: 4D6 re-roll 1s, drop the lowest. Stats will range from 6 to 18.
    - You can roll up as many stat blocks as you want but you can only use the last one you’ve rolled.
  • Any playable race up to LA +3 is allowed, as long as it fits and make sense in Eberron.
    - I am allowing LA buy off
  • Gestalt.
  • Any class or PrC is also allowed, as long as it can fit in Eberron.
  • YOU MUST HAVE A HARD COPY OF WHATEVER YOU WANT TO USE!!! I prefer books but I accept print outs.
    - Feats can be used without hard copy on a case by case basis.

Super Happy Eberron Fun Adventure Time

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